Jasta 5 presents
Flying Circus Flugpark
pilote: J5_Winkelmann_VR
(50) Silver Military Merit Medal on the War Ribbon with Swords (Austro-Hungary)
(03) Prussian Pilots Badge
(25) Karl Troop Cross (Austro-Hungary)
(100) Military Merit Cross, 1st Class with Swords (Bavaria)
(75) Military Merit Cross in Gold
(05) Wound Badge in Gold
(50) Military Merit Cross, 2nd Class with Swords (Bavaria)
(03) Wound Badge in Silver
(25) King Ludwig's Cross (Bavaria)
(30) Iron Cross, 1st Class
(15) Iron Cross, 2nd Class
(1) Ehrenbecher (Cup of Honour)
(05) Prussian Observers Badge
(01) Wound Badge in Black