Jasta 5 presents
Flying Circus Flugpark
pilote: =IRFC=kotori87
(03) Wound Stripe II
Entente Rank - Flight Sergeant
(06) Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM) (Britain)
(100) Legion of Honor (France)
(03) Entente Pilots Wings
(50) Cross of Saint George, 2nd class (Russia)
(50) Médaille Militaire (France)
(25) Order of St. Anne (Russia)
(25) War Cross (France)
(05) Observers Wings (Italy)
Entente Rank - Sergeant
(05) Mentioned in Despatches (MID) (Britain)
(01) Souvenir
(01) Wound Stripe I
(10) War Merit Cross (Saxony)
(05) Military Merit Cross, 2nd Class (Mecklenburg-Schwerin)
(03) Wound Badge in Silver
(05) Prussian Observers Badge
Central Rank - Unteroffizier
(03) Prussian Pilots Badge
(01) Ehrenbecher (Cup of Honour)
(01) Wound Badge in Black