Jasta 5 presents
Flying Circus Flugpark
piloto: J99_Sizzlorr
(01) Wound Stripe I
(03) Wound Stripe II
(05) Observers Wings (Italy)
(01) Central Souvenir
Entente Rank - Corporal
(03) Entente Pilots Wings
(06) Distinguished Flying Medal (DFM) (Britain)
Entente Rank - Sergeant
(05) Mentioned in Despatches (MID) (Britain)
(10) Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (CGM) (Britain)
(10) Distinguished Service Cross (USA)
Entente Rank - 2nd Lieutenant
(15) Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM) (Britain)
(15) Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) (Britain)
(20) Distinguished Service Order (DSO) (Britain)
Entente Rank - Lieutenant
(01) Ehrenbecher (Cup of Honour)
(01) Wound Badge in Black
(05) Observers Badge
(10) War Merit Cross (Saxony)
(05) Military Merit Cross, 2nd Class (Mecklenburg-Schwerin)
(03) Iron Cross, 2nd Class
(15) Iron Cross, 2nd Class
Central Rank - Unteroffizier
(25) Karl Troop Cross (Austro-Hungary)
(25) King Ludwig's Cross (Bavaria)
(06) Iron Cross, 1st Class
(50) Silver Military Merit Medal on the War Ribbon with Swords (Austro-Hungary)
(15) Knights Cross of St. Henry (Saxony)