Information about the Flying Circus Flugpark


The Flying Circus Flugpark server is hosted by Jagdstaffel (“Jasta”) 5. Jasta 5 has its roots in Redbaron 3D (since 2004) and held the first ever world-wide campaign in both Rise of Flight (Bloody April, 2010) and its successor, Flying Circus (Black September, 2019). Both events are conducted annually and regularly register 100+ pilots world-wide.

Our server missions and campaigns are historically based flight simulation experiences using full-real settings and place a high value on the single “virtual life” during play. Returning to base alive always scores more points and often is required for challenging two-seater reconnaissance missions and to attain final victory.

There is a "Furball" dogfight area in the middle of most maps clearly marked for those wishing to engage in quick fast-food fights, however.

For maximum enjoyment always read mission descriptions in game, and pay attention to any in game on screen messages regarding objectives. Scrolling with a mouse over objective icons on the map will also often provide useful information regarding how to best complete the objective.

Flugpark Server/Parser Pilot Awards

For a detailed explanation of the pilot awards and recognition system employed on this server, see Flugpark Community Awards Criteria and Precedence

Adding Your Squad Listing

The new Il2 parser only displays "active" squads, defined as four (4) or more pilots flying once or more during the month. If you don’t have four (4) pilots in your squad yet, register yourself on the parser but don’t create a squad yet. Once you have four (4) pilots in your squad, it is necessary to do the following…

1. Each of your pilots creates an account on the parser.
2. A squad is formed on the Flugpark parser by the squad administrator.
a) Click the "My Squad" tab under your parser account settings.
b) Select the "Registration Squad" button and follow the prompts.
c) Create a "Registration Link" and share it with your squads pilots. Posting it in your Squads forum is a good way to distribute the link. Only let pilots you want to join your unit on the parser have access to the link.
3. Four (4) pilots have “joined” the squad while logged into their personal account on the parser and clicking the “join” link created by the squad administrator.
4. Four pilots get up in the air on the Flugpark server during the month ...once you do, your unit appears on the list. Suggest they get on the Flugpark and fly 5-10 minutes as soon as they “join” the squad.

Something that is not really self-explanatory in step #3 above is the fact that whoever creates the unit becomes the administrator of the unit on the parser, and MUST generate a “join” link to send to other pilots in the squad, using the link generator tool in the admin area of their squad when logged into their parser account. Once the link is generated by the unit administrator and sent to pilots who are part of their squad, those pilots then click on the link in order to automatically become part of the unit created on the parser. You can post this link on your squads forum for instance for use by all current pilots and future pilots.

Server Communications

The Flugpark has a SRS server with auto-connect enabled. You can also join other pilots using the Flugpark Discord server 24/7 and is available for anyone to use respectfully.
Most of the multiplayer Flugpark Community uses Discord to communicate with one another in game as well as to conduct discussions regarding the game as well as share WWI research and history. If you are new to the game, its your best way to "get connected" to others who can help you learn and enjoy this remarkable game! Discord is free and available via the links below.

Join Flugpark Discord Channel

Server Discord Channel:

Jasta 5 Website and Forum:
Jasta 5 Forum

Completing Two-Seater Missions (Reconnaissance) for Parser Points/Credit

1. Look at map to see which reconnaissance (recce) target icons are visible indicating that it is available to be flown.
2. After determining which reconnaissance mission to fly, find the correct reconnaissance plane assigned to fly that specific mission, as noted with the label similar to: “XXXX-Recon”. Generally, but not always, there is one field with two-seaters assigned for special missions.
3. After selecting the correct plane assigned to the selected mission, check your plane loadout with the following:
a. Personal pistol hand-gun (described later)
b. Camera
c. Custom paints, desired fuel load and any other optional equipment.
4. The mission is typically flown at 1400m-2800m/8500ft and 13100ft. Always check the in mission briefing for last minute changes. To be successful you MUST stay within the specified altitude range for the camera to take useable photos. Rollover the recon target icon in game with your mouse to see the specific details for a recce target. When flying in the recon area within the recon altitude band, the pilot will receive a message from their observer that photos are being taken. Those messages will appear in flight on the screen. Fly steady and level when taking photos. When the plane flies out of the photo area the observer will give one of two messages.
a. If the observer tells you to take more pictures, turn back and repeat the earlier process of overflying the recce target at mission altitude, OR
b. The observer tells you they have enough pictures, and to return to base with the photos. If the plane is critically damaged or shot down at any point during the mission, the plates are broken and the mission must be reattempted. Hard landings that break the propeller or flip the plane CAN cause the delicate photo plates to shatter as well.
5. After returning and successfully landing back at a friendly field, the pilot should stop their engine on the field. Follow the prompt to restart your engine and taxi slowly and carefully to the hangar nearest the wind sock to claim the credit for completion of your mission.
a. Get close to the hangar without touching it so that you can look INTO the hangar at your 3 or 9 o’clock. Stop your engine.
6. Claiming Parser Points/Credit
a. A spotlight will appear for just a moment inside the hangar and appear to disappear, except for a thin silver base of the spotlight that is still visible; it looks like a vehicle tire hub cap.
b. Using your pistol, shoot the spotlight base five (5) times with one (1) clip. You may not use any other gun including the backseat gun for this purpose to get pilot credit for the mission. NOTE: Alternatively, you may register five (5) hits with one (1) clip on the damaged spotlight itself which is still present above the spotlight base but appears invisible. After completing this kind of mission successfully many times, and seeing the spotlight appear and quickly disappear as it prepares itself to be destroyed for credit, it is possible for a pilot to become comfortable shooting accurately into what appears to be empty space above the spotlight base into a larger, albeit invisible, target area.
7. If multiple spotlights are present, just shoot one. The additional spotlight will be for another two-seater pilot who has landed and is waiting their turn to claim credit for completion of their mission. Two seater pilots should then “Finish Mission”.
NOTE: Two-seater pilots/bombers should always “Finish Mission” to R/R/R because back seat ammunition does not rearm by the maintenance truck R/R/R mechanism in the game. The two-seater then goes back into inventory at that field to be used for subsequent two-seater missions.

Server Rules

The goal of the Flying Circus Flugpark server is to encourage and develop a tight-knit community of mature, like-minded pilots who wish to enjoy a challenging, rewarding, and fun aerial combat environment. In order to accomplish this, pilots are required to adhere to a Code of Conduct with several important guiding principles. These include an atmosphere of sportsmanship, respect, and fair play.

Please always endeavor to assist those who are new to the game and always treat other pilots with courtesy, decorum and respect. No one wants to play a game when there is no fun in it. You can make it fun by helping others as well as treating them the way you would want to be treated.

Except where the rules of a campaign, event or tournament may amend them: Forbidden:
1. NO VULCHING: Do not to engage in any of the following forms of Vulching:
a. Attacking another plane that is on the ground readying to take off or otherwise not allowing an aircraft to get in the air before launching an attack. Most consider the first turn or firing of guns after take-off to be the point of acceptable engagement.
b. Attacking a plane that has been involved in a collision that is returning to base (RTB), unless it first attacks you.
c. Attacking a plane that is severely damaged or which will eventually crash, unless you are the pilot responsible for most of that damage or it is attacking you.
d. Attacking a single enemy who is already engaged with two or more opponents.
e. Attacking an enemy that is out of ammunition and returning to base (RTB), unless the pilot used much of his ammo up while attacking you.
f. Intentionally stealing other pilots kill by firing the last few rounds into an already doomed plane.
g. Continuously singling out and attacking new players for easy kills.
2. NO DITCHING: Do not engage in “ditching” or purposefully causing your plane to be damaged such that the effect and outcome is the same as having “ditched”, for the purpose of not flying all the way back to base.
3. NO RAMMING: Do not to purposefully engage in ramming nor place blame upon being involved in a collision. It always takes two. See #1b.
4. NO BAILING (Disco'ing): Do not prematurely exit the server to avoid giving a kill credit to another player under any circumstances. Note that parser may assign a 'capture' to the sortie of a damaged plane whose pilot disconnects.
5. NO ACCUSING: Under no circumstances openly accuse, insinuate or state an opinion that a pilot is cheating without possessing evidence that would support such claims. The software for Flying Circus and FC servers has a variety of ways to prevent cheating of all kinds as well as to identify same. If you believe you have such evidence, it should be Private Messaged to the server operator (see list below).
6. NO SWEARING: Do not to engage in profane or abusive open or team in-game chat or vocabulary on Flugpark Discord. There are younger flyers who are a part of our community and some members of the community who fly with external speakers on in their house who have young children. Still other more mature members of the community don't want to listen to trash talking or swearing by pilots. Feel free to activate push to talk if you don't have self control. Repeated offenders may find push-to-talk imposed on them by Discord.
7. NO HACKING: By using our server you agree not to alter, add or change software for the purpose of cheating or obtaining an unusual or unfair advantage over other players.
Furthermore, please make every effort to:
8. Respectfully show a pilot who acts dishonorably the error of their way using instructive words of correction.
9. Allow an opponent who is badly wounded to fly home and repair his plane when it is obvious to you that you are far superior in skill (See Guynemer vs. Udet).
10. Express yourself in a positive spirit of sportsmanship, with honor and honesty and try to enhance, encourage and improve the game and the community experience.

Use of Jasta 5 resources, such as the Flugpark, Jasta 5 hosted event server or coms server (Discord), is a privilege not a right. Jasta 5 reserves the right to ban temporarily or permanently any player for any reason, including but not limited to violation of any of these rules.

Server and Parser Team

Server Administrators: J5_Baeumer, J5_Matthias, J5_Sturm
Parser Administration: J5_Baeumer
Mission Designers: J5_Matthias, J99_Sizzlor and other community members
Technical Support: =FB=Vaal and J2_Nobiwan
NOTE: all data generated by the Flugpark server is considered the property of Jasta 5 and may not be scraped, posted, or otherwise utilized in any way without the express written consent of Jasta 5 Adjutant.

Please feel free to post suggestions or feedback on the Jasta 5 Server thread on the Flying Circus forum or you can send a email to