Jasta 5 presents
Flying Circus Flugpark
pilot: J5_Loppnow-Sch27b
(10) Two-Seater Hero - Wings with Silver Star
(05) Two-Seater Completions - Wings w/Bronze Star
(05) Wound Badge in Gold
(03) Prussian Pilots Badge
(03) Wound Badge in Silver
Central Rank - OberLeutnant
(50) Silver Military Merit Medal on the War Ribbon with Swords (Austro-Hungary)
Central Rank - Leutnant
Central Rank - Feldwebel
(25) Karl Troop Cross (Austro-Hungary)
(01) Ehrenbecher (Cup of Honour)
(75) Military Merit Cross in Gold
(100) Military Merit Cross, 1st Class with Swords (Bavaria)
(50) Military Merit Cross, 2nd Class with Swords (Bavaria)
Central Rank - Vize Feldwebel
(01) Wound Badge in Black
(30) Iron Cross, 1st Class
Central Rank - Unteroffizier
(25) King Ludwig's Cross (Bavaria)
(15) Iron Cross, 2nd Class
(05) Prussian Observers Badge